CSR to certificate converter

for checking weak RSA public key by factorable.net


The factorable.net site provides key checker to verify whether weak or compromised key or not. However this can only check X.509 certificate or SSH public key. Thus you can't easily check your key before its certificate issuance by PKCS#10 CSR (certificate signing request) or PKCS#8 PEM public key.

This tool can generate a fake certificate by specifying CSR for checking factorable weak key checker. Resulting certificate has wrong signature value but it doesn't matter for the checker.

(Step1) Fill PEM formatted PKCS#10 CSR (certificate signing request)

(Step2) Press "Convert" button

Fake Certificate for factorable.net key checker

Copy this certificate, paste it on the bottom text field of key checker then click "Check" button. You can see the weak key checking result for the CSR and public key pair.